Why choose Airbrush?

Airbrush make-up is natural looking and VERY lightweight. On applying make-up using an airbrush, a fine mist is created by the pressurised air. This permits the make-up artist to use only a few drops of base for the entire face. This results in a flawless looking natural look on the face. This kind of make-up also lasts for long and can even cover up hyper pigmentation and birthmarks. It is also quite big in the film and theatre circuits.

With the popularity of high-definition video and television, the demand for airbrush make-up is on the rise. This is because the conventional makeup tends to settle in the creases and pores which then looks inaesthetic on HD TV. Since with airbrush make-up, the base is sprayed on this problem is easily taken care of. This range of make-up is not only restricted to the base and face but is also available for eye shadow, blush, eyebrows and lips.

Here at ‘Anurag & Simmi’, we use professional, HD-rated products and we also don’t restrict ourselves to a single line of brand. We aim at giving only the best and most personalised outcomes for all our clients. We give a high priority to keeping all our make-up and tools impeccably clean. The products in our airbrush ensemble are completely organic and very lightweight. They also resist water, tears and sweat.
We provide airbrush makeup for Bridal, Fashion and Commercial projects.
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We deliver our peerless Fashion and Commercial services in the following fields:

  1. Photo Shoots
  2. Fashion shows
  3. Catalogs
  4. Events
  5. Print/Editorial
  6. TV/Ads
  7. Movies

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