If you wish to make a mark for yourself in the sphere of make-up, then the workshops and training classes offered by ‘Anurag&Simmi’ are the right place to be. These classes are designated for willing learners and professionals in the beauty and entertainment sectors. These courses can also be taken up by individuals who are seeking the right platform to hone their skills and learn the basic principles in the subject field of make-up artistry.  At ‘Anurag&Simmi’, make-up is the ultimate passion. We are ardent make-up lovers and are dedicated to share the same fervour with students and professionals who want to gain hands-on experience in this fieldHere, we have every flavour for every palate. Short courses, workshops, professional make-up courses, you name it! These courses will give your career the perfect jumpstart and will give you the confidence to start commercially in both the beauty and entertainment industry. Even beauticians who want to climb the ladder and take their accomplishments to the next level have an opportunity to learn and thrive with us.

For the ones looking for a fructifying career in the domain of make-up, we have the best in class 8- week Professional Make-up Course to give your career that thrusting impetus. In addition to that, we also proffer Short Make-up Courses and workshops that are conducted throughout the year for both professional learners and non-professional learners. Such courses encompass airbrushing techniques for already employed Make-up Artists and also, a one week Intro class to give an overall gist to the joiners who want to see what make-up at the ground level is all about. Workshops at ‘Anurag&Simmi’ also comprehend Make-up workshops of the month designed for the common woman who wants to learn the skills of doing make-up for herself in addition to other Private Make-up classes and Professional Make-up master classes.

We ensure that the students in each class are limited to a small number so that every learner gets individual attention and hence, their shortcomings can be distinctively worked on. ‘Anurag&Simmi’ makes sure that every student takes away the maximum from every single minute spent at their workshops and classes.


We register and enrol only a maximum of 2 to 3 students per batch to ascertain personal attention and training to each learner.


Estimated course duration: 1 week



Estimated course duration: 3 weeks



Estimated course duration: 8 weeks


Make-up artist course run three days a week


Subjects covered in 8 weeks Professional fashion makeup training.
Following is a consolidated list of subjects covered in the 8 weeks of Professional fashion make-up training:-

  1. Theoretical study of Face shapes/Analysis with practical application
  2. Application and blending techniques
  3. Highlighting and shading
  4. Brow shaping/Trimming
  5. Product knowledge
  6. Concealing/Blending
  7. Natural makeup (close-up and long shot) for black and white, and colour photography
  8. Bridal makeup
  9. False eyelashes
  10. Lip correction
  11. Fashion/catwalk makeup
  12. Fantasy makeup
  13. Evening/Dramatic and glamorous makeup (close-up and long shot) for black and white, colour photography, and fashion shows
  14. Stills photographic makeup (colour and black & white)
  15. Fashion and beauty period make-up, 1920 – 1970, as well as with emphasis on the latest trends
  16. Makeup for men; Actors and Models
  17. Application and blending techniques for high definition media
  18. Creative make up for pop and promotional video
  19. Editorial makeup
  20. Airbrush makeup
  21. Airbrush bridal makeup
  22. Airbrush fashion makeup
  23. Airbrush body tan makeup
  24. Airbrush body painting
  25. Airbrush Face painting
  26. Temporary Tattoo making
  27. Corrective/Camouflage Makeup
  28. Light theory

All students are provided with a complete and professional Make-up kit for the training purpose which is included in the course prices. Here at ‘Anurag&Simmi’, only celebrated branded makeup products like MAC, Inglot, Ben Nye etc are used.